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$20k for Ethical Tech: The Final Challenge

  The idea of High School HeroesX (HSHX) can officially be traced to April 8th 2013, when Peter Diamandis graciously accepted a call from an over-eager 9th grader. I recently came across the notes I had prepared for the call; they were mostly highlights from Peter’s book Abundance, […]

USA Driving Challenge

High School HeroesX (HSHX) is incredibly excited to announce our next challenge! The USA Driving challenge will be a year-long, $10,000 competition. Students have a multitude of ways to make driving better, including but not limited to: designing algorithms to help cities better manage traffic flow, find ways […]

Checking In With Our Contest Winners

High School HeroesX awarded a grand prize of 1400 dollars to the winners of our inaugural challenge– narrowing the education gap in Philadelphia.  The winning team, from Penn Charter, used the money to expand their 21st century technology curriculum by purchasing LittleBits Stream PD. They have also expanded […]