USA Driving Challenge

Dr. Pawel Gora added to USA Challenge Advisory Board

High School HeroesX is thrilled to add Dr. Pawel Gora as the first member to the USA driving challenge advisory board. Dr. Gora received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw in 2015, and his current work will provide an invaluable resource to our students working on the challenge. Dr. Gora is currently developing an advanced software to help better understand vehicle traffic in cities through a traffic simulation framework. Dr. Gora has penned two research theses, on “Complex process modelling based on vehicular traffic simulation” and “Adaptive planning of vehicular traffic”. Dr. Gora has written over 10 published papers, and has interned with the likes of Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Dr. Gora was also bestowed an award from the Mayor of Lipsko for exceptional achievements in 2004, and his work was selected as the best research-development work in the Lider ITS 2015 contest. We couldn’t be more excited for our students to be able to talk with Dr. Gora as a contact, and want to be the first to welcome him to our team!

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