USA Driving Challenge

Driving Challenge Update + Submission Guidelines

Our USA Safe Driving challenge has progressed quite well this year, with teams from across the country working on the ten thousand dollar competition! With the challenge due to conclude in the next four months, HSHX wanted to highlight some of the most fascinating projects currently being worked on as part of the challenge, and clarify what the exact criteria our judges will be looking at when they evaluate submissions to award grant money!

One  participant has worked on his own student-generated simulator that tests self-driving car algorithms, and puts those algorithms to the test in real-time in order to allow cars to learn from their mistakes and avoid crashes. Another is working on a tool for smartphones that monitors your location while driving, to let someone know you’re almost at their house to pick them up. The tool also can communicate with that person so you don’t have to text them, forcing you to take your hands off the wheel.


And lastly, below are the questions student teams will be asked to write up answers to the following questions for submissions. Teams must answer the first and last question, and are free to answer as many questions in the middle as our applicable.


  1. Please describe in 100 words your project.
  2. How does your project make driving safer? Have you tested this, or is there a way of testing this?
  3. How does your project help improve driving efficiency and standards?
  4. What technology does your project use?
  5. What would you use the grant money for? Is there a market space for your project?
  6. What social impact do you hope to achieve through your project?
  7. Please discuss the work that has gone into your project?
  8. Will you be able to work on expanding your project if awarded grant money?


Come back to our website soon, for an interview conducted by summer intern Dylan Gambardella and advisory board member Dr. Pawel Gora!

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