Q: Are there any other places where I can connect with High School HeroesX?
A: To see the student produced challenge ideas and more information about the HeroX challenge, please go to www.herox.com/highschool.
You can also follow our twitter, @HighSchoolHeroX, here: https://twitter.com/HighSchoolHeroX.
You can like the High School Heroes Facebook page here.

Q: What type of student is best suited to work on the High School HeroesX Challenge?
A: As XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis says in his book Abudance, it is no coincidence that young people were behind getting spacecrafts to the moon in the 60’s and the dot.com boom. Young people really do have the ability to change the world. With that in mind, there is no limitation to the type of young people we know can help us make a change in the community: mathematicians can calculate the best way to fundraise, while writers can contact organizations to ask for their support. Innovators are presented a platform to share their ideas, while leaders can conduct XPRIZE inspired visioneering sessions with their peers.

Q: Who can I contact for interview requests about the challenge?
A: All questions about the challenge and interview requests may be sent to Eli Wachs at eli@ewachs.com.

Q:What schools have partnered with High School HeroesX?
A: The Haverford School,The Baldwin School, The Agnes Irwin School, The Episcopal Academy, Conestoga High School, the Barack Academy, The Shipley School, and Radnor High School are the first schools to have students working on the High School HeroesX challenge. Additionally,  Penn Charter, Friends Central,  and Friends Select have all expressed interest in starting High School HeroesX chapters at their schools.

Q: Is this challenge limited to just high school students?
A: We appreciate challenge ideas from those across the world regardless of age, however, we ask that all submitting challenge ideas consider the guidlines listed under the guidelines tab. Furthermore, commenting and “voting up” challenges is open to the world as well. The only aspect of the challenge which will be soley done by high school students will be the design of the challenge. Finally, though high school students will attempt to solve the selected challenge, we hope people from across the globe try to help the students brainstorm ideas in their work to make a better tomorrow.

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