The Washington Post Sees the Power of Youth

I recently came across an inspiring Washington Post piece on astonishing youth innovation (link below). The article, which details “breakthrough ideas from precocious students”, shares the stories and products of seven remarkable youth innovators. One such prodigy is 20 year old Taylor Wilson, who is working on a hand held system that uses radioactive isotopes to help locate, detect, and then treat cancer, while simultaneously developing a low-cost counter terrorism system that detects radioactive substances. The article also details Canadian Ann Makosinski (tweeted about by High School HeroesX earlier this year) who used a friend’s having trouble studying during the night without light as an impetus to create a flashlight powered by human body heat. Next up is Eesha Khare, a young girl who will save us all from the moments of despair as our phone batteries are about to die with her version of a supercapacitor, which will give phones an immediate large boost in energy once completed. The article goes on to mention young superstars who have created potions which enable showering without water, edible “water bottles”, and a version of a liquid band aid that stops bleeding instantaneously. The post concludes with a high school innovator who has made a lollypop that stops hiccups!

And the link as promised: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/innovations/wp/2014/09/04/a-waterless-shower-and-other-breakthrough-ideas-from-kids-and-students/?wpisrc=nl-innv&wpmm=1 !

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