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Team Spirit for High School HeroesX

Jacksonville Jaguars Director of Player Personnel Marcus Pollard, Quarterback Chad Henne, Running Back Toby Gerhart, Safety Johnathan Cyprien, Wide Receiver Allen Robinson, and Eagles Defensive End Brandon Graham certainly shared High School HeroesX founder Eli Wachs’ enthusiasm that youth can change the world when he spoke with them after the opening day football game! According to the Jaguars,”a great football club is more than a collection of superb athletes. It is a partner with its community and is involved in solving problems, creating opportunities, and enriching the quality of life for youth and families through unique resources, teamwork and goodwill,” while the Eagles are firm believers in advocating for youth to read and live healthy life styles. Given these ideals, the players were very receptive to the concept of a high school competition to bring about positive social change in the community.


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