Beijing Food Safety Challenge

First Three Members added to Beijing Advisory Board

The Beijing challenge is off to a great start, with students working diligently to increase safety measures for food. Students from the following schools are working on the challenge: Beijing National Day School, Beijing 101 school, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Beijing Bayi High School, and Beijing Huijia Private School. Because the students in Beijing are focusing on preventative measures, they are focusing on the best ways to get out their message to students to stay away from unsafe food. Therefore, the first three members we have added to the advisory board for this challenge are all marketing experts.


Felix Hartmann is a serial entrepreneur, author, and active trader. Through Hartmann Capital, Felix serves as an exec, board member, and advisor to nearly a dozen companies such as Kanyu, Next Gen, and SUP-X, all the while being a full-time student in South Florida. As a consultant, Hartmann specializes in Marketing and Finance, which he always attacks with a disruptive approach. A well followed equity trader, Hartmann has achieved peak performances of over 200% ROI a month, and has been coaching dozens of students through his personal trading room. In his off-time, he’s a successful writer, publishing his award winning literary speculative fiction novel Dark Age in January 2016.

Joining Felix is Connor Blakley, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and marketing/branding consultant. Connor had previously ran a social media agency that served 50+ small and medium sized businesses across the United States. Connor’s latest venture is ARCB a youth consulting agency that helps brands better connect with the always evolving better generation. ARCB generates custom youth advisory boards to help develop a relevant engaging marketing and brand strategy that connects with the younger generations. ARCB integrates a brand and marketing strategy leveraging new technologies, social media platforms, and the creation real world experiences to create an authentic relationship with your target young consumer.

Lastly, Clinton Senkow is a serial entrepreneur who, after founding digital agency SocialBare, recently launching Connected Getaways. Clinton also sitting on a non-profit board, writes articles for Startup Grind and YEG Fitness, and resides in Canada.

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