Massachusetts Mental Health Challenge

Launch of HSHX Massachusetts Mental Health Challenge in Partnership with MOVE Clubs

High School HeroesX is thrilled to launch its third challenge in conjunction with MOVE Clubs: a state wide challenge in Massachusetts on teen mental health.  This follows HSHX’s year long Philadelphia Education initiative and ongoing Beijing Food Safety challenge. MOVE is an organization co founded by College Freshman Ashley Olafsen, which is designed to help teenagers reach their full potentials. Through workshops, summer programs, and more, Ashley and co founder Lexie Phipps work to promote positive body image and self confidence. For more information on MOVE, click here:

Teen mental health is a major issue both across the world and in the USA. According to the NCCP, 20% of USA teens have a diagnosed mental disorder with between 500 thousand and one million US teens attempting suicide every year. Positive body image is also imperative,  with 95% of eating disorders in the country found in people between ages 12-25 according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

During the first school semester this year, the 5 MOVE chapters across the state will meet to discuss teen mental health and body issues. MOVE is also open to the possibility of adding new chapters, so if you would like to lead one in your area please reach out to Ashley Olafsen!

The second semester, or roughly from January through the end of May, High School HeroesX will apply its incentivized competition platform to MOVE as the chapters work to develop scalable curriculums to teach teen mental health issues in other places throughout the country. HSHX is currently constructing an advisory board of experts in the field to help assist in this process, and is confident that MOVE students will generate curricula to help combat teen mental health disorders in the United States.


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