Philadelphia Education Challenge

Recap of the Challenge Design Workshop and Challenge Launch

The first ever High School HeroesX challenge design workshop was hosted a little more than a month ago at The Haverford School, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Students from eight different schools attended the event, which started with a keynote speech followed by Q&A with world-renowned social entrepreneurship Professor, Dr. James Thompson of The Wharton School. The students then went through a series of activities to decide on the challenge they would adopt.  The winning challenge was to increase the high school graduation rates for students at underperforming Philadelphia-area schools. Additional information on the challenge can be found on .

The Challenge officially launched on Friday, November 21st and student groups from local high schools have begun to work on innovative ways to solve the problem at hand. Additionally, a board of directors for the challenge is almost completely assembled, while discussions have just gotten underway for selecting an advisory board.
The High School HeroesX team is excited to see the work of the students over the next year and wants to remind all teams competing that though this is a “competition”, ultimately, having a positive impact on our community will make us all winners.

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